The Saskatoon Exhibition is scheduled for
August 6-8 and 11-15, 2021.



All applications will be reviewed by the Saskatoon Exhibition Selection Committee. Upon acceptance you will receive further confirmation materials and information with an invoice or deposit notice to the email address you provided. Payment due upon confirmation of event or upon receipt of invoice.

- This application becomes your contract upon review and acceptance.
- Completing this application does not confirm your location.
- Show Management reserves the right to make any necessary modifications to the site plan and location assignments.

COVID-19: Please read and make yourself familiar with the following document:

Provincial Government's Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan : Click here to open in a new page

The 2021 Saskatoon Exhibition re-open protocols and guidelines will be forwarded to successful applications.

Should Government regulations change, resulting in a cancellation or postponement of the event, you will be contacted immediately via the email submitted on the form.

The 2021 Exhibition will accommodate three (3) types of locations.

Concessions, Vendors, and Market Square.

Concessions are locations that prepare food and/or drinks.
Vendors are locations that provide games, attractions, or rides.
Market Square are locations that sell goods and services..

Information for Market Square: In order to accommodate for distancing, all locations (booths) are a minimum of 20' of frontage and 10' of depth. The Market Square area is planned to be constructed with tents measuring 20' x 20' in rows. Each tent will have an internal wall setup to divide the area into two. External walls will be in place to provide barriers between locations.

Market Square locations must be fully contained within the tented area to allow for maximum distancing in the aisle ways. Operators may choose to allow patrons into a portion of the tented area.

Food or drinks are not permitted to be prepared or cooked in Market Square locations.

Location fees for Market Square:
$1,150.00 per inline booth
$1,350.00 per booth with a single corner

Applicable taxes and fees will apply.

Location Fees for Concessions and Vendors:
Commission Rate: 24% of net sales reported daily or $1,000.00 per location - whichever sum is greater.
Upon approval of this application, a deposit will be required to confirm your participation: A single location requires a $250.00 deposit. Multiple locations require a $150.00 deposit per location.

All locations are to be operational during all hours the Exhibition is open.

Liability Insurance: Prairieland Park and the Saskatoon Exhibition require all Concessions, Vendors, and Market Square locations to provide proof of commercial general liability insurance subject to a minimum limit of five (5) million dollars ($5,000,000.00).

C.A.F.E. Levy: A C.A.F.E. Trade Show Levy of $25.00 per company (for non-C.A.F.E. members), will be collected with your exhibit fees. Click here for more information regarding the Canadian Association of Fairs & Exhibitions, C.A.F.E. membership.

Electrical Services: The Saskatoon Exhibition does not provide electrical cabling of any kind. Electrical services for Concessions and Vendors may be provided at a cost. Market Square locations are provided complimentary access to one (1) 15amp 110volt connection. All locations using any amount of power are subject to a SaskPower Inspection Fee. This mandatory $25.00 fee per location (imposed by SaskPower) will be collected by SPPC remitted to SaskPower on your behalf. Any violations imposed by SaskPower Inspection must be resolved by the vendor or the item/booth will be removed. Fees for additional power are invoiced upon approval of location.

Propane Servies: Propane service is limited to 420lb tanks only. Service includes: delivery/return, connections, inspections, and re-fills as required. Usage is charged on a consumption basis. Deposit required upon approval of location. Final usage readings will be taken during the final hour of operation on the last day of the event. Final invoices for usage will be issued following final reading.

Water/Sewer Services: The Saskatoon Exhibition does not provide food grade hoses, fittings, or adapters. Fees for filling & draining hotubs will apply. Portable sinks and temporary grey water storage (blue boy) are available to rent for a fee, please contact the Trade Show Sales & Exhibits Coordinator directly if required.

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